We're delighted to introduce "TalkToFintern"
Talk to Fintern
Dear friends,

Thank you for your continued interest and for all the great suggestions you've shared with us. We really appreciate it!

We'd like to invite you to be the first to participate in our "TalkToFintern" series, starting from next Friday 21st Aug. If you'd like to e-meet the Fintern team, please request your preferred slot by the end of Tue 18th Aug using the link below.

You can request a 30-minute slot that works for you 11am - 3pm next Friday 21st Aug.

This session is for you and you can choose the topics, but some ideas for inspiration:

  1. Ask your questions directly to the team
  2. Interactive app demo/walkthrough
  3. Share your thoughts and experience from using existing lenders
  4. Share your ideas and what you expect to see from Fintern

The meeting will be only with yourself, but you are welcome to bring a plus one. It will happen via Zoom, or over telephone if you prefer.

What if you cannot make 21st Aug or all the slots are gone? Don't worry, we will host regular TalkToFintern sessions. There are many opportunities to join the sessions later.

If you don't want to take part you are free to give feedback via email or on Facebook and we'd love to hear from you.

With our best regards,
The Fintern Team
Request your slot
Affordable loans based on you
We're excited to announce that Fintern is now live and accepting loan applications!

As a quick refresher, while we don't require a long credit history to apply for a loan, we do need you to:

- Be at least 18
- Live in the UK
- Have at least one UK bank account
- Have no unresolved defaults or CCJs

To apply for a Fintern loan, simply download the Fintern App using the relevant link below*.